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Yes,  Vic Hennegan has changed and has become the beautiful Jaymie Rose Hennegan.  She will continue to create and push forward all the creative love, and energy through music and dance as before. I promise!

A new website will be up soon under!


Her latest release "A Moment In Time," has been hailed as an epic album by John Diliberto of Echoes.


As a live performer Jaymie Rose has performed at such shows as The Gathering Concert Series in Philadelphia, Cyberstock of Los Angeles, Ecstatic Dance,  5 Rhythms Dance,  Soul Motion, Northern California Dance Collective and many other venues around the world. 


Using samplers, live vocals and synthesizers, Jaymie Rose's instinctive hand creates techno-trance and ambient music in a wildly fun, uplifting spiritual experience that will take your soul on a journey to the center of ecstasy.

"A unique warmth emanates from Jaymie Roses's music moving the listener to a state of euphoria. Through complex and insistent rhythms and live vocals, she accomplishes a lush dynamic that relentlessly strives to entertain.” (Matt Howarth, Sonic

You can hear her music, currenty under the name Vic Hennegan on  Pandora, Spotify, Alien Air Music, Star's End, Echoes, Apple Music, Hearts of Space and much much more!

Jaymie Rose's compositions are featured on several different "Echoes" compilations: (Still under Vic Hennegan) “Soundscape for Echoes” on the release Refractions: The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Volume 12, with internationally renowned electronic musicians Andreas Vollenweider and Michael Brook; and Echoes Location, The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Volume 17, featuring a live version of  his most popular downloads, "Patagonian Rain." And the 2014 release, Transmissions: Echoes Living Room Concerts V19, featuring the song "Desert Vortex." The host of "Echoes," John Diliberto, personally invited Jaymie Rose to participate in all of the Echoes compilations and has placed Jaymie Roses's 2011 release "Field of Worlds and Mirrors," as one of the top 25 albums of the year.

​Through her faith in music, Jaymie Rose invokes the timeless tradition of music’s healing powers. He believes that, “We are the creators of our own universe. I seek to help people understand this very fact through my music.”



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